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SOOFA Ranch Current Needs...

The SOOFA Ranch horse Assisted Therapy Center and Recreational Riding Current Needs Page is your chance to improve our cherished horse therapy programs. You have the chance to contribute and drive good change here.


SOOFA Ranch offers revolutionary equine-assisted treatment and pleasure riding. Our programs help people of all ages, talents, and backgrounds experience horses' healing potential. To continue making such a difference in our participants' lives, we need generous supporters like you.


You may now join something exceptional. Help us meet SOOFA Ranch's horse therapeutic and recreational riding needs. Your assistance may make all the difference in caring for our horses, maintaining our facilities, and inspiring and healing our programs.


Together we can do so much

In-Kind Donations

Many practical requirements can be met through in-kind gifts! To learn more about what in kind donations are needed.  Give us a call 877-886-9818


In-Kind Services

What skills, gifts and talents do you have? When qualified individuals contribute their knowledge and experience, it is one of the most helpful things that can be done to further our purpose.

  • Creative: videography, photography, graphic design, event planning

  • Legal Services

  • Grant Writing

  • Construction

  • Landscaping

  • Gardening

Amazon Wishlist

We have on going needs as an organization.  Our horses and facilities require on going maintenance.  Here are some items that are greatly appreciated. Support our horses and programs through sponsoring these items. Amazon Wishlist



The SOOFA Ranch Team eagerly awaits your arrival, as we aim to create a positive impact on the environment, nurture sustainable practices, and foster a sense of community that will last a lifetime.


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