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Facility - Our Future

SOOFA Ranch is situated on over 36 acres of rural terrain. To be a force for positive transformation is a core value on our land. We hope to serve as a voice in support of programs that improve mental health. The South West Metro Atlanta area is home to SOOFA Ranch, the first and only minority-owned horse aided activities facility offering culturally relevant programs to at-risk adolescents in the area. To aide our clients in seeing things from a new angle, we provide immersive experiences such as, equestrian classes, trail rides for therapeutic purposes, and equine-assisted therapy are all examples of immersive experiences. 


We hope to eventually host the following immersive events, in addition to those involving horses: 

Agriculture Entrepreneurship: We will use the growing of micro-greens as a vehicle to introduce young people to agriculture, business, and resilience training, as well as introduce them to legitimate and long-term revenue opportunities. 

Outdoors Education:  As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship and outdoor education, we have created a farm stay program that will allow young people to spend time in a natural setting designed to help them relax and recharge. We want to facilitate opportunities for reestablishing and deepening human-nature bonds through our tiny house immersion experiences. 

Tiny House Immersion Experiences: Living in a tiny house has many advantages, including a higher probability of engaging in physical exercise, greater mental health, and stronger social bonds. Spending more time in nature has been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reduced stress and inflammation as well as a strengthened immune system. 

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