With over 40 years of experience with horses, Daryl L. Fletcher brings a unique flare to Equine Assisted Coaching.  Daryl spent his summers on his grand parents farm learning agriculture, ranching and valuable life lessons on the farm.  He saw how nature and horses can change the life of a young man by helping build connection, confidence and character.  As a former Youth Pastor, Daryl dreamed of the opportunity to connect his love of horses with his love for people.  From his time as a child he knew the great impact a horse could have on a child’s life; he desired to create a space for young adolescences to learn how to handle anxiety, fear and anger issues.  

At SOOFA we use horses to change the lives of people.  Our programs includes helping children and adults overcome anxieties, build confidence and helping individuals become better communicators. We truly believe that connection with horses leads to better connection with people. Our programs include riding lessons, Trail rides and Equine assisted coaching.


On average we serve 40 people per week with our Equine programs. We are looking to expand and develop a state of the art equestrian facility along with agricultural facilities that will give us the opportunity to increase the number of lives we can impact on a weekly basis.  We have located 100+ acres of land that we can build our ranch and cultivate the land for our agricultural efforts.  Our goal is $750,000. This will give us the money to purchase the land, start the process to clear the land and to build a new barn with training facilities.  Help us create an atmosphere where children and adults build connection, confidence and Character.