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30 for 30 Club

In an effort to make a deeper impact in our community we have created the 30 for 30 club.  As a member of the 30 for 30 club, members enjoy a year of free rides and services at SOOFA Ranch which could include lessons, trail rides and even equine assisted therapy.  To be a member of the 30 for 30 club all you have to do is make tax deductible donation of $30 to SOOFA Ranch and get 30 other individuals to make a donation of at least $30.  Once you get 30 people to donate $30 you will then be a member of the 30 for 30 club and enjoy a year’s worth of benefits at SOOFA Ranch. Once a month you can take advantage of a free service at SOOFA Ranch. 


When you join the 30 for 30 club you help SOOFA Ranch 

Build more programming for our After School Youth Equestrian Program

Create Scholarships for youth to attend our Summer Camp Programs

Improve our facilities to serve the community with more programs and activities

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