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Unleash the power of the Healing Herd. 

You can preorder the book right now for the low, low price of $4.95. This is no ordinary book; rather, it is a portal to new ideas, an adventure in introspection, and an investigation of the unsaid connection between man and horse. A narrative that opens doors and leads you on a journey into self-awareness, fortitude, and leadership. When you buy a book, you're not only getting information; you're also making an investment in yourself. 

Are you ready to embark on a magical journey to a hidden world of mythical creatures and healing powers? Join Lily as she discovers the Island of Healing Horses, a place accessible only through dreams and visions, and learn valuable lessons from 12 magnificent horses with unique abilities. But when a dragon steals the horses' powers, Lily must save the day and face her fears to help her new friends. This children's graphic novel is a heartwarming tale of courage, friendship, and self-discovery that will inspire readers of all ages. Get ready to be transported to a magical world where anything is possible

Secure your copy now, before the official release. Step into the world of Equine Assisted Learning and begin your journey. There's a story waiting to be told. There's a lesson waiting to be learned. There's a horse waiting to guide you.

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