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The Youth Equestrian Program at SOOFA Ranch is a non-profit organization that offers young riders much more than riding lessons; it teaches life lessons using horses. Open to riders ages 10 to 17, our Youth Equestrian Program is an exciting journey into the awesome world of horses and equine activities. While learning to ride properly, young equestrians are introduced to all facets of horsemanship, horse care and life skills. 


Our goal is to instill in all our students positive life skills that will serve them well into adulthood. Equine activities are a proven method to successfully instill a strong sense of responsibility, a healthy respect for themselves and others.  The methods we use on the ranch help foster effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  Students learn how to deepen their understanding of group dynamics; building connections, confidence and character. As a result students walk away with the skills to have healthy personal and professional relationships, valuable leadership skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem that will serve them for the rest of their life.


The art of riding is much more than simply being able to stay in the saddle. Our students are taught the intricate body language that will become the line of communication between themselves and their horse.


Under the watchful eye of our senior instructor, young riders learn the importance of balanced riding. A firm, balanced seat; quiet, steady hands; precise, subtle use of the legs – all are integrated into each lesson until they become second nature. Novice riders learn that these aids must be employed carefully and consistently to ensure the clear understanding between horse and rider that will result in success. As our riders advance in skill from walk to trot to canter, they learn to adjust their seat and adapt their aids to achieve a smooth transition into each gait.  These principles are then revisited after each session so the student can take what they learned on the horse and apply it to their everyday life.  Thus giving them the skills they need to implement valuable life skills. 






Days of Program

Tuesday - Thursday

Optional Saturday Volunteering


Time of operation

3:30 pm - 6:00 pm


Cost of the program

$75 a week


Additional investments

Program t-shirt - $25 per shirt

Jeans to wear

Riding Boots - $55-$75 depending on size

Riding Helmet - $35-$75 (I can order them in bulk for a discount price)



YEP Application



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