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SOOFA RANCH uses two models of therapy.  Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) &

Equine Assisted Counseling or Psychotherapy (EAC or EAP)

Equine Assisted Learning

EAL is an experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills applicable to educational, professional or personal goals through equine assisted activities.  These activities may incorporate equines in three distinct mono therapy services: equine assisted learning in education, equine assisted learning in organizations and equine assisted learning in personal development. EAL encourages personal exploration of feelings and behaviors to help promote human growth and development. Sessions are conducted by a certified instructor, an educator, a coach or a therapist with special training in partnership with horses to address mental health needs.  Goals may be related to self-improvement, social interaction, increased awareness and/or education.


Equine Assisted Counseling or Psychotherapy

EQUINE-ASSISTED COUNSELING OR PSYCHOTHERAPY (EAC or EP): an interactive process in which a licensed mental health professional working with or as an appropriately credentialed equine professional partners with suitable equine(s) to address psychotherapy goals set forth by the mental health professional and the client. EAC and EAP promote personal exploration of feelings and behaviors and allows for the clinical interpretation of such. This requires an appropriately licensed and credentialed mental health professional. The session will have clearly defined goals and objectives set by the MHP in the individual's Treatment Plan and may be designed and taught by a PATH Intl. Instructor with an Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning certification or just an ESMHL licensed therapist. The sessions may be mounted or unmounted.

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